Thursday, February 27, 2014

Oh my...we're warning up with Imaginisce!

Happy Friday friends!  Today I am going to share with you a couple of Imaginisce projects.

I don't know about you, but I am so anxious for warmer weather.  I live in Northern Utah where I freeze my tush off all of the time.  It's been a little warmer lately and it's got me craving some really warm weather.  So, I thought I could will the warmer days here by creating a couple of projects using the Welcome Spring and Perfect Vacation Collection.  These collections just sing..."Bring on the warm weather!"

First off...a couple of birdcages using the welcome Spring Collection!

I'm feeling warmer already, but just you's about to get hot!  How about some Perfect Vacation!

Ok, if the that doesn't get the warmer weather coming...then I may just freeze to death here in Northern Utah! Anyway, it's fun to play with awesome papers and dream of warmer days.  I hope you have enjoyed my projects...maybe warmed you up a bit and inspired you to get your hands on some new Imaginisce products! Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Clear Scraps Layout and Banner!

Good morning!  Today I would like to share with you a couple of projects I created this month.  First off I'll start out with a layout.
I made this layout using a clear 12x12 piece of acrylic, the new Mixers (Feathers) and the new Fruit of the Spirit Mascil.
Love winter cha 2014_1

I used molding paste, mist and the Fruit of the Spirit Mascil to make my "Love" title.
Love winter cha 2014_2

I used the Feather Mixers and painted them with acrylic paint.
Love winter cha 2014_3
Love winter cha 2014_4
Gorgeous right?  I love what I can do with the new products.  Here's a Valentines banner!
I had some cute acrylic hearts in my Clear Scraps stash and decided to make banner.
Valentine banner1

To make the hearts stand out, I painted the edges with acrylic paint.
Valentine banner3
Valentine banner4
Valentine banner5
Valentine banner6
Here are some other parts of my banner.
Valentine banner2
Valentine banner7
Thanks for stopping by and make sure you stop by the Clear Scraps Store to get all your new products!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Still in Love...Silhouette's Adhesive Backed Cardstock and Corrugated Paper!

Good Monday morning Silhouette fans, today I would love to share with you another layout using Adhesive Backed Cardstock and Corrugated Paper.
Guiseppa Gubler love story adhesive backed cardstock from Silhouette
I think that the Adhesive Backed Cardstock has to be some of my favorite product Silhouette has put out.  There is just so much you can do with it.  I used the 3 x 4 Love Journaling Cards to create my background.  Yes, my whole background was created by using a 3 x 4 shape from the Silhouette Store.  I simply made it larger in larger in my Silhouette Software and cut it out using the Adhesive Backed Cardstock.  The cute heart and brown leaves, they are cut out using the Corrugated Cardstock.  
Guiseppa Gubler love story adhesive backed cardstock from Silhouette1
So, I know what you are thinking... more love layouts?  Well, I think Valentine's Day and love layouts are my favorite to scrap.  You can create layouts about love anytime of the year.  I love all of the fun Valentine's Day and love shapes that have been showing up in the Silhouette store and they can be used year round.
Guiseppa Gubler love story adhesive backed cardstock from Silhouette3
Guiseppa Gubler love story adhesive backed cardstock from Silhouette2
Thanks for stopping in and I hope I have inspired you today.  Trying using your Adhesive Backed Cardstock  and  Corrugated Paper.  Mess around with your Silhouette shapes and see how versatile they can be.  Until next time!
Silhouette Shapes:

Imaginisce's Die cuts!

I love the quality and thickness of Imaginisce's Die Cuts.  They also have a beautiful glossy finish.  I created this layout of my sweet niece.  It is not often that I have baby pictures laying around, so I am happy I found this picture to scrap with. 

I used the "My Baby" Collection for girls.  I love the sweet sentiments, titles and images that the die cuts come in.  On this layout I wanted to feature more than one of these die cuts, so I used three. 

So sweet right?  Thanks for stopping by and make sure you go by the Imaginisce Blog because all week the DT will be featuring projects  featuring Imaginisce's Die Cuts!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Silhouette's New Vellum and Corrugated Paper!

Happy Monday...Guiseppa today I would like to share with you a layout a created using some of Silhouette's new Vellum and Corrugated Paper.  
vacation vellum and corrugated cardboard1
Vellum and Corrugated Paper have made a huge comeback and I love the fact that Silhouette has put out their own.  This is perfect because now we can all cut out whatever we like with this new media.
As you can see I used the Vellum for my title accenting the "Vacation" part of my title with a little patterned paper.  The combination looks great!
vacation vellum and corrugated cardboard2
I cut out these cute flowers with the Corrugated Paper and Vellum.  Did you know that the Corrugated Cardboard has an adhesive back?  Super nice!
vacation vellum and corrugated cardboard3
vacation vellum and corrugated cardboard4
Here are a look at some other details of my layout.
vacation vellum and corrugated cardboard5
vacation vellum and corrugated cardboard6
Thanks for stopping in and I hope you get a chance to play with Silhouette's new Vellum and Corrugated Paper.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Clear Scraps New Mixers...with a Tutorial!

Hey good morning Clear Scraps fans!  How have you enjoyed seeing all the projects with Clear Scrap's new products? Love them...right?
Today I would like to share with you an easy tutorial using the new Wire Mixer.  
The new Mixers are awesome.  they can be used as a mask, as a clear embellishment  and the negative space can also be used as a mask on your projects.  I used mine as a mask.  Now, just to let you know, I left the clear plastic film on my Wire Mixer so that I could use it again as a clear embellishment...getting the most out of my acrylic!  Here is what you need:

Perfect Pearls
Versa Mark
Molding Paste
Wire Mixer
Perfect pearls tutorial1

Lay your Wire Mixer where you would like it.
Perfect pearls tutorial2

Using your spatula, spoon out some molding paste.
Perfect pearls tutorial3

Start applying and fill in all spaces.  Repeat steps if you want to apply on more than one place on your project.
Perfect pearls tutorial4

Make sure you let it dry completely.  You can use a heat gun to speed up the drying process.  
Perfect pearls tutorial5

Next, grab your Versa Mark and dab and press down lightly onto your masked image.
Perfect pearls tutorial6

Sprinkle on your Perfect Pearls.
Perfect pearls tutorial7

Use your brush to dust off the excess.
Perfect pearls tutorial8

It will leave a shimmery finish.  The molding paste gives it texture and dimension too.
Perfect pearls tutorial9
Here is a look at how my layout turned out.
Perfect pearls tutorial10
Perfect pearls tutorial14
Perfect pearls tutorial15
Perfect pearls tutorial11
Perfect pearls tutorial12
Perfect pearls tutorial13
How fun..right?  I love these new Mixers and I hope you will too!  You can find them in the Clear Scraps Store! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Doodling with Silhouette Sketch Pens

Hello Silhouette fan!  Today I would like to share with you a way you can doodle on your layouts using the Silhouette Sketch Pens.  Did you know that you can use just about any shape in the Silhouette Store and sketch it out instead of cut it out?  Yep...not just the shapes made for sketching can be sketched! Well, believe it or not I just recently discovered this.  Yep, I know.  Some of you may have already have known this.  I created a layout with a few simple doodles on it.  I will show you how.  Now, you can be as detailed with this as you would like and put as many as you want on your project.  Here is what I did.
silhouette pens_doodles9
First off, you will want to decide on the shapes you want to use on your layout.  Start designing your layout by adding all of your shapes onto your page in the Silhouette Software.  Make sure you create a spot for your pictures.
silhouette pens_doodles1
Next, open up a new page in your Silhouette Software.  You will want to refer back to your designed page layout because you are going to use that to help you insert your doodles.
silhouette pens_doodles2
Start off adding in the first doodle (when I say doodle, I mean shape) you want on your page.  I am doing all my doodles separate because I want to make them different colors using the Sketch Pens.  I am also referring back to my first designed page I created to see the design I created.  I am am adding the circles first.  Make sure to remove the shapes that you created to mark where your pictures will be.
silhouette pens_doodles3
Now choose your pen color, select Silhouette Sketch Pen and then press cut. 
silhouette pens_doodles4
Now refer back to your first page where you created your designed layout and add you next doodles.  If you want, you can actually cut and past them in.  Change the color of your pen for the new doodles.  Make sure you delete your first doodles.  In my case, it is the circles.  Also, do not remove your mat from the Silhouette machine.  You want to try and keep everything in place like your first designed layout.  
silhouette pens_doodles5
silhouette pens_doodles6
Add in your next doodle.  You can have do as many as you'd like.  Just repeat the same steps.  Copy and paste the doodle from your first design and then add it to your new page referring back to your first design to make sure your place them in the correct place.  Once again, erase the last doodle you sketched and add the new ones.  
silhouette pens_doodles7
silhouette pens_doodles8

 Here are some close ups.
silhouette pens_doodles10
silhouette pens_doodles14
silhouette pens_doodles11
silhouette pens_doodles12
silhouette pens_doodles13
Have fun....see what you can come up with.  It is okay to experiment.  That is how we learn and eventually see what we like the best.  Thanks for stopping in today!
Shapes Use: