Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sail Away with Me Using Imaginisce's Perfect Vaction

Good morning!  Happy Thursday all and thanks for stopping by today!  Today I have a couple of projects to share with you that I made from Imaginisce's Perfect Vacation Collection.

I am so in love with this collection and boy is it going to get used.  I have two cruises to scrap and another one coming soon and this is a perfect collection for that.  So, let me share:)  Oooo...I am excited!

I love the colors and the graphics in this collection.  They are perfect for that Caribbean feel...which is where I went.  The title, flower, leaves and clouds were all made using my Silhouette Cameo.  Oh...and those clouds, they are a Imaginisce shape from the Silhouette Store!

Ok...up next a cute Nautical Box Card!  I found this shape in the Silhouette Store as well! Could you just die...this is so cute!  Once again...some Perfect Vacation!

So, what are you waiting for?  Go grab your favorite summertime or vacation pics and some Perfect Vacation and get crafty!  Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Clear Scraps 12x12 Layout Tutorial!

Good morning, today I am so excited to share with you this tutorial today! This is a fun way to use some of your smaller pieces of Clear Scraps acrylic or in my case, the 12x12 sheet.  We are making a confetti shaker layout.  Here we go!

12x12 acrylic tutorial8
Gather your supplies:
Patterned Paper
12x12 Background made of cardstock or patterned paper (optional, mine is the hearts)
12x12 acrylic sheet or if making a smaller one, smaller pieces of acrylic.
Sewing Machine

12x12 acrylic tutorial1
Peel the plastic coating off and place your 12x12 piece of acrylic onto your patterned paper.  Start sewing, but make sure you do a back stitch so it won't come un stitched. Also make sure you are using the thinner acrylic by Clear Scraps and not the thicker acrylic.  The thicker acrylic will break your needle and not sew.

12x12 acrylic tutorial2
You will want to make sure you work your way all around the acrylic, leaving an opening an the top.

12x12 acrylic tutorial3
Insert the confetti into the opening.
12x12 acrylic tutorial4
Sew the opening up.  Fun right?  Now you have a shaker and the confetti is sealing in:)
12x12 acrylic tutorial5
This next step is optional.  You can leave your layout as it is and add pictures and embellishments or add a background like I did.

12x12 acrylic tutorial6
It's fun how you can see the confetti through the openings of the background paper.

 12x12 acrylic tutorial7
Now, have fun adding pictures and dressing up your page with embellishments!

12x12 acrylic tutorial8
12x12 acrylic tutorial9
12x12 acrylic tutorial10
12x12 acrylic tutorial11
Fun right?  Go ahead and try it.  Make one big like this or little.  It's so easy and adds a lot to your projects. Thanks for stopping in!  Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Create a Background using Samantha Walker's Par-Tay Thyme Font!

Good morning and happy Saturday!  Today I would like to share with you any easy way to create a background using Samantha's Par-Tay Thyme Font.

First you will want to choose the text style.  Click on the icon at the top right.  It is a capital A.  I chose Samantha's SW Par-Tay Thyme font.

Over on the far left side of your screen choose the Text icon ( a capital A also with a line on the side of it). This will allow you to start typing on your page.

Start typing in the words that you would like to have as your background.

Next, I copied and pasted my first line and filled up the page.  Do this by right clicking and selecting copy, right clicking again and selecting paste.  Just like what you would do in a word document.

Next you will want all of your lines of words to touch like this.  You will notice that the S's, P's and G's in Spring are touching.  

Now, I want to group them all together so they become one.  First right click and then select Group.  Now, you can't separate the image without ungrouping it.

Next, you will want to make sure your Cameo cuts out your background as a whole and not the individual letters.  To do this highlight the the background and click on the Weld icon located at the bottom left of your screen.  Look how your words connected and you have one complete background.

I want mine bigger, so I am going to highlight it.  Then using the small squares in the corners, I drug them out until I had the size I wanted.  

Finally, cut out your background!

Carefully peel it off your mat and adhere to your paper. 

Thanks for stopping in and I hope I have inspired you to try something a little different using Samantha's Par-Tay Thyme Font!  Until next time!

Supplies Used:
Blossom Stickers and Die Cuts

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Stepping into Spring with Clear Scraps!

Hello Clear Scraps fans! Aren't you so excited it is April and warming up? Today and I would love to share with you a couple of projects.  

I am areally loving the latest releases and I got so excited when I saw the new Baketball Chipboard Album.  It was absolutely perfect for my daughter...the star basketball player.  I decided I wanted to give her something to look at and keep of her first year playing high school basketball.  Let's have look!

Basketball album1
I decided to add all kids of different patterned paper to the front of this album, just for fun.  I also traced and cut out, in black cardstock, the front of the mini album and glued it on.  I found this title at my local scrapbooking store, which has a lot of scrapbooking supplies for our local high schools.  

Basketball album2
With the rest of the pages, I simply traced the chipboard pages onto patterned paper and adhered them.  Then I added embellishments.  I love how I can customize these albums!

Basketball album3
Basketball album4
Basketball album5
Basketball album6
Basketball album7
Basketball album8
Basketball album9
Basketball album10
Basketball album11
Basketball album12
Basketball album13
Basketball album14
Basketball album15
Basketball album16
Basketball album17
Basketball album18
I love how this turned out and now my daughter has an album to treasure.  It's is her life, she love it and it is her game!  
Now, for a Send it Clear Card!  I used the Fancy Send it Clear Card.  I wanted this one to have a Spring look and feel to it, so I added lots of flowers.

Spring card1
Spring card2
Spring card3
Spring card4
Spring card5
Spring card6
I really love how I can customize these cards!  Thanks for stopping in and I hope I have inspired you today! Make sure you check out the Clear Scraps Store for all of you Clear and Chipboard needs!