Thursday, May 29, 2014

Imaginisce Projects featuring the new Little Princess Collection

Have you seen this new collection...Little Princess?  A must have if you have any adorable little girls in your life.

I have created a few projects using this collection and I am in love.  My girl is 15 and kind of out of the princess stage, so I made some things with this collection featuring my cute neighbor girls Blayke and London.  First off, a Princess Set!

I used my Silhouette Cameo to make these!  This is London and boy does this girl have attitude!  She knows when the camera is on her.

This Blayke...a little bit more shy around the camera, but don't let her fool you...she's a sneaky one:)

They were so excited to get this made my day!

Next up a layout...once again featuring Blayke and London in their Princess Fairy costumes! 

Thanks for stopping in and taking a look at what I created with this new collection. Make sure you are frequently stopping by the Imaginisce Blog to see what the DT is creating with Imaginisce's newest collections!

Imaginisce Supplies:
Little Princess:  patterned paper, 6x6 Paper Pad, and Adhesive Gems
Hot Rocks
Brad Daddies 16mm
Punch 16mm

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Samantha Walker Doily Border Flower Tutorial

Happy I am excited to share with you a different way to use some of Samantha's newest Silhouette files.

I love the new 12 Inch Doily Border Sets.  So, let me show you what I did with them.  This is the end result. The sets come as doilies and borders.  I took the borders and made them into a flower center and the doily became the flower.  Let's get started!

Chose the doily set you would like to use.  Samantha has several of them in the Silhouette Store.  I used the 12 Inch Doily Border Set Bell Edge.  If you have a hard time seeing the images of the pictures in the Silhouette software...just click on the image. 

Next, you want your doily to be smaller.  Click on the image and use the little boxes in the corners to make your doily smaller.

There are several doilies inside the largest one.  You will want to take those out.  So, right click and select ungroup.  Then you will be able to move the smaller doilies from the inside of the largest one.  

Remove the doilies and borders you don't want to cut right now.

Cut our your first doily

Next, pick out which one of the borders you would like to be used with your doily and remove the rest from the page.  Go ahead and make your border larger by repeating the same steps as above.  Mine is around nine inches long and just under one inch in width.  I did end up cutting two out to make my flower more dimensional.   

Snip in between the scallops of the border.

Fold back the scallops.

Curl your border like this until the border is all curled then adhere it the border to a piece of circular paper. This will ensure that your flower border will stay together.  Manipulate the border flower to your liking.

Glue your border piece to your doily.  This is what mine ended up looking like.  I made mine tight.

I cut more of the doilies out to embellish my layout.

Love this cute title?  This is Samantha's 'Sugar and Spice' Word Phrase!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Silhouette Sketch and Cut Title Tutorial

I love experimenting with my Silhouette Software.  So, I was just goofing around and came up with this fun layout.  I used my Sketch Pens as well and some star shapes to create a fun and unique title.
Note:  If you click on the pictures they will show up larger so that you can see how to do this tutorial in your Silhouette Software:)

I love the look it gave this layout.  So, let me share with you what I did!  First off I picked out my title.  I chose the Cool word for my title.  
sketch and cut title tutorial1
I wanted my title to be very big, so to do this I used the little squares in the corners or the Scale window to size my title.
sketch and cut title tutorial2
Once I had it the size I liked, I moved it to where I wanted it to be on my page.  
sketch and cut title tutorial3
Next, I picked my patterned paper and color of Sketch Pen I wanted to use and I loaded into my CAMEO. I also replaced my blade for my Sketch Pen and then hit the Cut icon.  Next I clicked on the Line Segment Overcut Feature.  It's on the little triangles on the upper right hand corner of the screen, below the Cut icon.  I picked the triangle that solid.  Next I selected the Silhouette Sketch Pen.  When I did that it automatically adjusted the settings to sketch .  I then clicked on Send to Silhouette to cut.  Once it was done sketching out my title, I left it in my CAMEO....DO NOT UNLOAD YOUR MAT!  
sketch and cut title tutorial4
sketch and cut title tutorial11
Next, I inserted my some stars inside the title.  
sketch and cut title tutorial5
I wanted my stars really small, so I Ungrouped them by right clicking and selecting Ungroup.  Now they are separated and I can change them.  I used the smallest star and made it even smaller .  I used the same process to make the star smaller as I did to make the title larger.
sketch and cut title tutorial6
I then placed my star inside of the Cool title.  
sketch and cut title tutorial7
I wanted stars all over inside my title, so I copied and pasted them just like you would in a Microsoft Word program.
sketch and cut title tutorial8
So, now to cut, but before I did I removed the Cool title.  Now I am just left with the stars.  I didn't want to cut the title out, just the stars.  
sketch and cut title tutorial10
I repeated the same process I did to sketch the title, but now I put back in my blade.  I then set my paper setting.  I used the Patterned Paper Medium Weight setting and then pressed the Send to Silhouette button.  This is what it looked like when I was done.  
sketch and cut title tutorial12
I decided I wanted my stars different colors, so I simply adhered different colors of patterned paper to the back of the page. 
sketch and cut title tutorial14
Some close ups...I love to embellish!  I also used the Cursive Cool and Acoustic and Electric Guitar shapes.
sketch and cut title tutorial15
sketch and cut title tutorial16
Thanks for hanging out with me today and I hope you can find fun ways to play with your Silhouette Software!  Until next time and happy cutting!
Silhouette Shapes:

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Honoring your Mother with Clear Scraps

I know it is past Mother's Day, but that isn't any reason not to share projects honoring our mothers .  Today I would like to show you some Mother's Day projects using Clear Scraps!

I made this layout using 12" Heart Arrow and some modeling paste.  

Look at the dimension of the hearts.  The modeling paste along with the stencil has helped to create this effect.

I also used o Acrylic Coaster in the center of the two M's and layed my photo on top of it.

Love those hearts...perfect for a Mother's Day layout!
Now for a little gift bag to hold something special in for your mother.
Mother's day gift box1

I used the Clear Mixer Acrylic Flowers to create this awesome looking flower.
Mother's day gift box2

I wanted to ad a little more to this, so I also used one of the Clear Round Tags.
Mother's day gift box3
Thanks for stopping in and just remember, it is never to late to make or give something nice to your mother.  Check out the Clear Scraps Store to find all of you Mother's Day crafting needs!